I love Radio.

And I love Monopoly.

So here is Radiopoly - a 'bit of fun' project for all radio enthusiasts to enjoy. The bespoke board, cards, and playing materials are all available to print out below.


This is not intended to stop you going out and buying a real copy of Monopoly in order to play the game....this is intended as a piece of graphic art....I don't want to get sued.


Download & Print these PDF game elements for FREE.

Below are the easy print PDF versions of all the game elements. These should print perfectly on most A4 printers. This will work best on thin card. Some elements require two sided printing, flipping the pages along the long edge. Hopefully you can work out the rules of RADIOPOLY, the only difference to the original game is that you employ DJs rather than build houses and hotels.

The board prints over 4 pages with plenty of overlap to match up the design. There are spare DJ Discs, OFCOM and RAJAR DIARY cards for you to add your own favorites to the game. If you like this work, please have a look at my other projects on this website and if you'd like to donate using the button above it would be much appreciated.

Ideally find me a job where I can do this all day long!!! ENJOY

High resolution images of the game elements for those with access to larger printers !!!

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